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Questions Successful Entrepreneurs Ask Their Business Idols

Questions Successful Entrepreneurs Ask Their Business Idols

By Victor Ochieng

An opportunity to ask your business idol a question about his/her entrepreneurial experience is so precious. As someone starting in business, there are definitely some questions you look forward to asking your business idol, particularly those relating to how they attained their breakthrough.

In an article posted on The Network Journal, the author listed some questions respective entrepreneurs would like to ask their business idols.

Angela Delmedico of Elev8 Consulting Group said her question would be: “What was your biggest ‘A-ha’ moment?” This is in an effort to know what catapulted them to the next level; what resulted in their success? “There are a ton of articles on success and failures and growing and dying in business, but most gloss the surface of the true experience and personal mind shift the entrepreneur went through,” she said.

Jules Taggart of Jules Taggart Marketing Strategy would ask the question: “What’s non-negotiable for you?” The reason why such a question comes to mind is because there are several trade-offs in business. So, what would that successful entrepreneur insist on as non-negotiable? “Knowing what someone holds sacred and what they will not compromise on gives me a peek at their greatness,” Taggart says. “It also shows me how to incorporate similar practices into my own business and life.”

On the other hand, Steven Buchwald, The E2 Visa Lawyer, said his question would be: “What were your greatest failures and what did they teach you?” He holds as true the old saying that we learn more from our failures than successes and it would, therefore, be quite enlightening to learn from a mentor what their personal failures were, what they learned from them and their jump-off point.

Ajmal Saleem of Suprex Learning said he would ask his business mentor the most important phase of his or her business journey. He says a successful entrepreneur definitely took several steps to get to where they are, but, in all cases, “there is always that one step that was crucial for reaching their goals.”

Arry Yu of would ask: “What drives you to keep going when it’s really tough?” This is a very important question, understanding that everyone in business goes through varying challenges that even drive some out of business. Therefore, Yu would ask that business icon what makes him persist. What’s that most challenging experience they’ve faced in their business journey? “Grit is the story that separates those who are successful and those are not,” Yu notes.

As for Ben Walker of Transcription Outsourcing, LLC, his question would be: “What’s the worst mistake you ever made?” We all make mistakes in our business journeys and it would be quite enlightening to know the worst mistake a successful entrepreneur made en route to success. “I would like to ask Richard Branson what the worst mistake he ever made was,” Walker said. “His vast experience and candidness would shed light on what happened and why, because he would more than likely tell me everything.”


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