black people and money

Rapper Benzino was allegedly shοt by his nephew over money

Rapper Benzino was allegedly shοt by his nephew over money

by Marie S.

Star of the reality television show “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,”  and executive officer of Hip Hop Weekly, rapper, ‘Benzino,’  whose real name is Raymond Scott, was shοt before noon on Route 3 in Duxbury, MA, while on his way to his mother’s funeral mass at St. Peter’s Church in Plymouth.

He was brought to the South Shore Hospital as he suffered a non-fatal  gunshot wound on his right shoulder and an injury on his back.

It was his nephew, Gai Scott, of Randolph County, who had fired at him.  Gai pleaded not guilty to a charge of armed assault with intent to murder.   Defense attorney, Jon Ciraulo, said that Gai admitted to the shooting but said he had fired at Benzino in self-defense because he saw his uncle flash a gun at him.

According to the statement of Timothy J. Cruz, the Plymouth County District Attorney,  “At some point when the cars were side by side, Gai Scott fired several shots into the red Dodge SUV being driven by Raymond Scott,”

A witness, Marty Kearns, who was driving on Route 3 at that time said, “There were shell casings everywhere. There were four holes up the side of the vehicle which started in the rear and then there were three in the passenger door.”

State trooper, Robert M. Klimas, testified that “a witness saw a red SUV driven by Raymond Scott jockeying for position with a Bentley that Gai Scott was driving. The witness saw an arm extend out the driver’s-side window of the Bentley and fire what he believed to be a 9mm handgun into the SUV.”

Amanda Fowle, Assistant District Attorney, revealed that Gai Scott only mentioned that he saw his uncle flash a firearm at him on his third interview with police officers.  Fowle also said that during the incident, there had been no evidence showing that Raymond Scott was armed, hence there was no reason for Scott to fear his uncle.

Judge J. Thomas Kirkman has ordered home confinement to Gai Scott, in addition to undergoing GPS monitoring and giving up his firearms.

Raymond Scott, in an interview, said that tensions did exist in their family.  It seems to stem from his sister’s (Maureen Scott, mother of Gai Scott) family’s mishandling of their mother’s property and finances.

Financial Lovemaking lessons from this story:

1) Many families fall apart during funerals, and it’s typically due to some sort of financial dispute.  Millions of people (particularly African Americans) have not made proper arrangements with their estates, leading to confusion over how assets are to be allocated, not to mention causing serious problems with the payment for the funeral.  You may not have any violence that comes out of your disputes, but quite often, families are irreparably divided in these situations.

2) Hip-hop and “gangsta” culture has taken a huge toll on the black community.  This rapper may be doing reasonably well financially, but this lifestyle has taken a serious toll on his well-being.  When it comes to living a wealthy and productive life, the worst of hip-hop culture offers almost nothing to help a person do this:  Drinking, smoking, illegal activity, violence, drug use and financial irresponsibility have become toxic side effects of this line of thinking and we must deal with it at all costs.  This rapper’s story is just one of many stories occurring across the country, as some parts of the black community have descended into utter chaos.  Let’s create a better day for our children.

black people and money

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