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Rapper Lil Scrappy: A TV star with a ton of debt and no financial assets whatsoever

Rapper Lil Scrappy: A TV star with a ton of debt and no financial assets whatsoever

Reported by Liku Zelleke

Lil Scrappy, the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star is having legal troubles with the Department of Revenue who have slapped him with a tax lien to the tune of $8,270.18 adding woes to the rapper who already owes money due to legal disputes.

Scrappy, whose real name is Darryl Kevin Richardson II, was handed the tax lien to add to the whopping $258,000 that he already owes after he lost a series of lawsuits.

Chancy Hope won a judgment against Scrappy and is owed $150,000. In another lawsuit, Heavy Rotation, a concert booking company is also expecting $108,510.38 from the 30-year-old rapper. It has been reported that his checks from “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” are being garnished to pay for both settlements.

On April 4th, the Georgia Department of Revenue filed a lien against Scrappy for failing to pay his taxes in 2006. The original amount would have been $2,927 had he paid his taxes then. But, it reached the current amount after a $1,000 in interest, $3,000 in various penalties and another $1,374 in collection and other miscellaneous costs were added on top.

Reportedly, documents reveal that the Department of Revenue sniffed around to see if Scrappy had any personal property to put a lien on. They went through everything he owned and found that he actually didn’t have any assets to put a lien on – at least not for now.

Atlanta’s Lil Scrappy is the protégé of producer and rapper Lil Jon. He discovered Scrappy while performing in a bar, when a fight broke out during his set. He was signed on to Lil Jon’s BME Recordings along with label mate Trillville – making them some of the first entertainers to perform under the company.

Right now, Lil Scrappy has managed to create a loyal following in the Atlanta hip hop scene and all throughout the southeast of the country.

Financial Juneteenth lessons from Dr. Boyce Watkins:

1) Liku didn’t write this article to ridicule Lil Scrappy.  Instead, it is to show that the mass promotion of self-destructive culture is harmful to the entire black community.  Shows like Love & Hip-Hop lead the way and we should not stand idly by while this is happening.  When we have kids who know the latest dance steps before the know their ABCs, we should take a second and question our value system to determine if we are creating a culture that is designed for prosperity or oppression.

2) A few of the signs of manhood are discipline, courage and impulse control.   Your father is supposed to leave your inheritance, and too many of our fathers need fundraisers for their children to bury them.  If you obtain wealth and use that wealth as an opportunity to engage in consistently irresponsible consumption, you’ll soon find that your purpose in life has been to fatten the pockets of big, white corporations and to guide the people you love right back into poverty.

3) Far too often, mass American media promotes the most ignorant among us and gives them the biggest microphones.  While there are thousands of brilliant, hard-working doctors, lawyers, and parents in our community, reality TV has chosen to consistently promote those of us who engage in irresponsible behavior and choices.  The fact that this man has earned millions of dollars and has zero financial assets should be openly discussed as a case study of what NOT to do when you get your hands on money as a black man.    I am not attacking the brother, but I have to be honest and say that we shouldn’t sit by silently while these sorts of “examples” are being promoted to our children as black culture.

Mona Scott, the creator of this show, should know better.  She’s quickly becoming the new Bob Johnson.

black people and money

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