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Rapper Lil Wayne buys daughter two luxury cars for her 16th birthday

Rapper Lil Wayne buys daughter two luxury cars for her 16th birthday

Warren Buffett is so wealthy that he earns Lil Wayne’s entire net worth about once every week.   But despite the fact that he can buy his children anything they want, Buffett believes that his wealth has a greater purpose than spoiling the living hell out of his children.  Instead, he is giving at least half of his wealth away to charity to make the world a better place, and leaving his children enough to be rich while still having an incentive to set goals and improve themselves in life.

Buffett feels, perhaps accurately, that giving your children too much early in life has a draining effect on their innate hunger and work ethic.  While we might feel that we are doing our kids a favor by giving them whatever they want, we may be inadvertently reducing their incentive to accomplish anything in life.  Finally, if they’ve received the best of everything at an early age, it will be tougher for our kids to be excited about future accomplishments.  They may also drive their future mates insane with unreasonable expectations.

In other words, whether you’re talking about a human being or a piece of meat, no one likes anything that’s been spoiled rotten.

Unfortunately, for people who don’t come from much wealth, they can end up worshipping money.  This artifically-created Golden God can give some people a sense of self-worth, as if having a nicer car, a bigger house or some over-priced European brand stitched on your body makes you a better person.  That’s what might come to mind from this story by Tiara Williams about the rapper Lil Wayne and his birthday gift for his 16-year old daughter, Reginae.

Any reasonable person might ask himself:  What does a 16-year old need with two luxury cars?  Are there better lessons you can teach a child with that kind of money, or is our nation so hopelessly materialistic that we can’t see anything outside of our insatiable quest for gluttony?  Maybe some dying children in Africa could help us think about this question a little more deeply.

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Every person deserves to be spoiled on their birthday, but is it possible to go overboard?

As a parent you want to give your child everything their little heart desires but what happens when your child wants you to spend millions of dollars on one birthday party? She wants a concert with one of the most successful female artists in the world and two luxury cars to really set it off.

A little over the top, maybe? Well, rapper Lil Wayne and and his ex-wife Toya Wright didn’t see it that way while sparing no expense for their daughter Reginae Carter for her 16th birthday. He hired label mate and top selling artist Nicki Minaj to perform a mini concert for his daughter, while celebrities like Tiny Harris, Fantasia Barrino and Kandi Burruss sat in the stands. Just when everyone thought the night couldn’t get any better, Wayne surprised her with a BMW and a Ferrari GTO!

According to TMZ, While Carter’s mother  was present along with her husband Memphis, it’s unclear which parent purchased which car, but on the real – who cares?

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black people and money

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