Rapper Lil’ Wayne Sells His Highly Customized Miami Beach Home At A Loss

Rapper Lil’ Wayne Sells His Highly Customized Miami Beach Home At A Loss

By Victor Ochieng

As a celebrity figure, one of the most important things is having your privacy, both at home and at work. We believe a lack of privacy may have formed Rapper Lil’ Wayne’s decision to let go of his highly customized Miami Beach house, doing so at a loss.

Who could’ve thought Wayne could let go of the house after customizing to extents not so many people would do even if they had some cash to toss out there?

One of the biggest challenges Wayne faced at the address is that it became known to the public. He became a chief prank calls target and was even at one time visited by a high profile “SWAT TEAM.” This happened when emergency officers were invited to the residence to address a deadly shooting incidence, all imaginary.

The house has a shark lagoon that surrounds a glass lift to the roof. For the sunset view? Not just for that as many may think; knowing that Weezy is your “avid skateboarder” and the house having a modern skate park right at the roof top, a lift was ideal. Even though shark lagoons and skate parks quite attract visitors, they somewhat become a burden when the time comes to sell the property, more so if the home in question is known to have been a frequent prank target, as well as some other mischiefs.

Our rapper learned this the hard way and it’s a lesson he’s most likely not to forget. Wayne first listed the house for a cool $18 million before he later dropped it to a low of $12 million. But this was until he finally sealed a deal with some anonymous buyer, probably a shark loving mortal, for a low of $10 million.

Why is this a bad loss for the rapper?

Well, impeccable sources reveal that Wayne purchased the home in 2011 at $11.6 million. This is exclusive of the millions he spent on fixing the shark lagoon, rooftop skate park, and the glass elevator.

What’s money to Weezy anyway? The “Leather So Soft” rapper must have been so tired of the location that he just wanted out. That could be the reason why his realtor revealed that Weezy is just so happy that he’s changing location.

Let’s just hope the mischief and prank masters aren’t going to follow him to his new home to disturb his peace.


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