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Youtube Star Who Murdered His Mother Seen Throwing Thousands of Dollars in the Air

Youtube Star Who Murdered His Mother Seen Throwing Thousands of Dollars in the Air

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Most of you know the story about Qaw’mane Wilson, the 24-year old who police say had his mother killed, allegedly so he could get the insurance money.  The police have a great deal of evidence for their conviction, including proof that the young man went to the bank and withdrew $90,000 out of his mother’s account shortly after her death.

A disgusting video sent over to me (below) shows that Qaw’mane loved to “stunt,” “floss” and all the other stuff that ignorant people do when they want to give all their money away.  In the video, Qaw’mane is seen going into a Chase bank (where his mother’s account was reportedly located) and withdrawing thousands of dollars.

After he withdraws the money, holding more hundred dollar bills than he could count, he is seen throwing the money in the air at a crowd of people, with everyone scouring like rats trying to get their hands on the dough.  It’s a sad scene that is reflective of mantras repeated in a lot of hip-hop songs saying that a man can show he’s a “baller” by throwing money in the air.  Kids are not born that stupid – this kind of ignorance requires a full education in black male self-destructive thinking.

I don’t need to explain just how sad this video is.  But it is also revealing in light of remarks made by those who are familiar with Qaw’mane and his relationship with his mother, Yolanda.  A person who appears to be connected to the family said this on Facebook:

“Imma say this, QC had everything he wanted plus some, he had no reason to kill his mom. Money is the root of all evil. Its not like she didnt give him what he wanted, he was an only child. He hurt my family. And you right, stunting wasva habit for him and greed overpowered him! R.I.P Yolanda.”

Someone used the term “rapper” to define Qaw’mane, because he seems to be caught up in hip-hop culture.  But he appears to be much more than that and might even be a talented filmmaker.  I went to Youtube and found a set of videos called “The Nick Story,” which appears to have a nice following.  Most of the videos have well over 50,000 views, and feature a well-done cinematic presentation with urban drama designed to attract a young, black audience.

So, when I see Qaw’mane, I see a brother who could have been a great black filmmaker whose potential has been murdered as quickly as his own mother.   This is what I am referring to when we allow for the marketing of self-destructive culture among young black males:  Potentially brilliant young black men are being transformed into prison inmates.  That’s a multi-billion dollar loss of productivity in the African American community.

This video brings up these Financial Juneteenth thoughts:

1) The idea that this young man’s mother worked for decades to build this wealth, only to have her son toss the money in the air is a hurtful reminder of how a commitment to ignorance keeps our people from evolving in a productive way.   One of the reasons I challenge negative rappers so aggressively is because this video is one of the things that shows us how negative hip-hop poisons the minds of young black people.  We need to stop pretending that this is just music when it’s actually weaponized genocidal brainwashing that threatens to destroy an entire generation.

2) When we spoil our kids, we may find that we’re ultimately dealing with a rotten human being.  This is not to say that this kid’s mother is the reason that he was the person that he was, but you can’t pretend that she had nothing to do with it.  Be mindful of how you teach your kids about money.  Spoiling a child can make them selfish and entitled, which may come back to hurt you.  Qaw’mane is not the first spoiled only child to kill his parents for money.

3) It makes me sad that I could watch Qaw’mane’s video for 10 seconds and know that he probably didn’t have a father in the home.  Mothers, if you love your sons, please don’t spoil them:  There are other ways to show love than by spending money or always making your son feel coddled and comfortable.  Whether you’re referring to human beings or a piece of fruit, a thing is never good once it’s been spoiled rotten, and judging from his actions and the long pile of baby’s mamas bickering on this brother’s Facebook page, I can tell that he isn’t a person who’s been taught to be responsible for his actions.  Yes, this kid is a “victim” of “affluenza,” the fictional disease that got the white kid acquitted last week (we discussed this on Anderson Cooper), but the best cure for your son’s affluenza will probably be prison.  Make sure your son has strong male role models to learn critical principles of manhood – weak men are the keys to a conquered and dying black community.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a financial contributor to Jet Magazine and the author of the lecture series called Commercialized Hip-Hop, the Gospel of Self-Destruction. To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

black people and money

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