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Rep. Gwen Moore’s Strong Words About The ACA’s Potential Replacement

Rep. Gwen Moore’s Strong Words About The ACA’s Potential Replacement

By Ryan Velez

One of the moments of Donald Trump’s presidency that many have come to fear the most is nearly at fruition, as the Republicans have released their bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Many have shared their viewpoints and concerns, but perhaps some of the most important are from the politicians in opposition to the bill, who likely have some of the greatest chances of crafting it into something viable for all Americans even if it cannot be stopped outright. One such person is Congresswoman Gwen Moore (WI-04), and EURWeb shared her statements on the new bill.

“The Affordable Care Act (ACA) – President Barack Obama’s landmark health care reform bill – was crafted and made into law as an effort to repair America’s woefully inadequate health system. It made incredible strides in addressing the gaps in our country’s health care infrastructure, from barring insurance companies from denying coverage to those with preexisting conditions to ending deductibles and co-pays on preventive services such as mammograms, immunizations, and pre-natal care,” Moore says.

One of her biggest concerns regarding an Obamacare replacement is how it will affect those groups of people who were only able to get proper insurance due to the provisions it allowed. “The Republican plan to repeal and replace the ACA not only destroys the progress achieved during President Obama’s tenure, but it also manufactures new health care crises that will have a devastating impact on seniors, women, and working- and middle-class Americans. This bill is a self-inflicted wound that will exacerbate costs, limit protections, and hurt the 70 million Americans who rely on Medicaid, including pregnant women and vulnerable children. But low-income Americans aren’t the only ones who will bear the financial brunt of such corrosive legislation. It is important to recognize that everyone – regardless of their socioeconomic background – will foot the bill for this misguided proposal.” This last statement is particularly important for detractors of the Republican bill. Many who were against Obamacare felt that insurance companies were raising certain prices in response to the bill, but even if some of these revert to pre-Obamacare levels, it is impossible to tell whether they may pay in other ways, regardless of their background.

But perhaps nearest and dearest of Moore’s concern is the effect of these changes on women’s health. While generally treated as a developing world concern, many in the U.S. have been making struggles to make women’s health services more accessible, and an ACA replacement may wipe out some process on this front.

“I am particularly disturbed by the effect this legislation will have on women’s health. In addition to defunding Planned Parenthood – a vital healthcare organization that many of my constituents depend on – this bill also aims to dismantle the private insurance market for abortion coverage, a procedure that, out of pocket, can cost tens of thousands of dollars. As this legislation moves through the House of Representatives, rest assured I will be voicing my strident opposition to it and any proposal that values politics over patients.”


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