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Why Retirement And Romance Can Be A Great Thing

Why Retirement And Romance Can Be A Great Thing

By Robert Stitt

It seems many seniors are putting some gold back into the term golden years. A study by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave found that more and more retirees (over two-thirds of those surveyed) were taking advantage of their retirement to add some romance in their life.

Anthony Bland is the managing director and a market executive at Merrill Lynch. He believes that those seniors have it right. Bland believes that the relationships we build during our working years tend to fade with time. Once the stress of working, raising a family, and juggling all of life’s issues can be set aside in retirement, people have the time to really focus on building quality relationships. Without all of the distractions, they can focus on taking care of themselves and really being romantic.

Bland admits that finances still play a role in a person’s romance. Prior to retirement, working to pay the bills often put a wrench in the romance engine, but now that they are retired, many seniors are finding that they no longer have the financial obligations they once did. They also have the ability to get away without worrying about work or family. With this new found freedom, they can take a long cruise, go on a safari, or relax at an exotic resort. For those with tighter retirement incomes, there is still freedom, perhaps just not as much.

When asked how much importance money should play in romance, Bland dodged the question nicely. He said it comes down to the people. “Finances matter more to some than others and we encourage our clients to make the decisions that are best for their situation. I view finances and romance in the same rhetorical category as beauty…the approach is in the eye of the beholder.”


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