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Run-DMC Suing WalMart And Amazon For Millions for Using Their Logo Illegally

Run-DMC Suing WalMart And Amazon For Millions for Using Their Logo Illegally

Reported by Liku Zelleke

One of the forerunners in the rap game and a legend in their own right, Run-DMC never really left the spotlight since the group first came out of Hollis, Queens in the 80’s. Many groups and artists have grown up under their shadows and even tried to be like them, but none have quite made it. The group’s logo, “RUN DMC” is recognized globally while their works like “My Adidas” and “Walk This Way” are still played at venues and listened to widely.

As a matter of fact, the group is still as popular as ever. Their gear along with their logo on them can be easily purchased from a multitude of retailers including Wal-Mart and Amazon.

However, the problem is, the group says, none of the merchandise that is on sale with these two particular retailers has officially been sanctioned by them and they are not too happy about it.

Reports suggest that Run-DMC has filed a lawsuit asking for $50 million from both Wal-Mart and Amazon. They claim the retailers are using their logo on merchandise meant for profit. According to the lawsuit, the retailers have stolen the logo and put it on their merchandise without the group’s having anything to do with their endorsements.

Run-DMC also says that Wal-Mart and Amazon have been illegally manufacturing and promoting their logo and tricking people into thinking they are behind the merchandise.

Apart from the two retailers, Run-DMC is also going after the companies that produce the products saying they are in cahoots with the retailers and are also making millions due to the illegal deals.

The group noted in the lawsuit that they already have a long-standing deal worth $1.6 million with Adidas’ gear which, quite ironically, isn’t being sold as officially licensed merchandise on Wal-Mart’s website. On the other hand, other wearable products like the “RUN DMC – Check Mate Zip Hoodie,” the “RUN DMC – Grey Scale T-Shirt,” and the “RUN DMC – Rock Box Juniors T-Shirt” are falsely being touted as being as such.

Wal-Mart and Amazon are yet to respond to the allegations.


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