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How To Save Some Money This Thanksgiving

How To Save Some Money This Thanksgiving

Reported by Liku Zelleke

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this year, the one thing we need to keep our eyes on – apart from an expanding waistline – is our pocket. It is easy to overspend when you’re having a good time and you wouldn’t want to find yourself penniless once the festivities are over.

And so, here are some words of wisdom on how you can end this year, and start a new, one without breaking the bank.

  • Always take the time to do some research. This season is known for sales and discounts; look for them in papers, online, and by even asking people you know. Ask around in supermarkets for overstock items – you always get amazing deals with those.
  • One tip people often overlook or don’t take too seriously is to make shopping plans way before the holiday seasons have begun – weeks in advance. Some large retail chains even offer points for purchases that can then be used towards your shopping needs, so the longer you shop the less you have to pay later.
  • Make sure you only buy what you need. There are always smaller portions of almost everything – from spices to meats (including turkey). Don’t buy family-size packages of anything if you will only need a portion of it. The price will be higher and you will only end up throwing most of it away. You don’t need to buy the whole turkey if there will only be a couple of you at the dining table.
  • You don’t have to abide by all the rules of tradition. If there are things you can’t afford or deem to be an unnecessary waste, leave it out this holiday season. If you have no issues with eating a different meal than what custom dictates – then go for something you prefer. At the end of the day, it’s your being content and having had shared time with loved ones that counts and not the fact that you had a turkey.


black people and money

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