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Sherri Shepherd gets massive child support bill for her surrogate baby

Sherri Shepherd gets massive child support bill for her surrogate baby

Comedian Sherri Shepherd has been in a mammoth economic battle with her ex-husband Lamar Sally. The two are going at it in court over a surrogate child they both agreed to create together via contract, with the situation becoming more confused after the couple decided to part ways in their marriage.

After the divorce, Shepherd went on to claim that Sally had “tricked” her into signing the contract to raise the child, and sought to get out of the deal. This took them into court, where Sally agreed to raise the child by himself, but demanded child support from Shepherd.

After months in the courtroom, the former love birds have struck a deal. Shepherd will pay a whopping $4,100 per month in child support, which might be normal for a celebrity, but is high for the rest of us. After the child turns 13, the amount will increase to $4,900 per month.

Also according to the settlement, Shepherd has been freed to pursue fraud charges against Sally for allegedly fooling her into agreeing to raise a child that she never would have wanted had she known that her marriage was going to fall apart.

In an additional point of confusion between the couple, there is the issue of embryos that Shepherd agreed to create with Sally. Shepherd wants the embryos to be killed, while Sally wants to keep them alive.

This case leads to a lot of interesting and complex issues regarding the right to purchase another human being. Should people be allowed to enter into legal contracts to buy their future children and then walk away from the contract if things don’t work out? That’s what S. Tia Brown and Dr Boyce Watkins discuss below in this episode of Financial Lovemaking.

black women

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