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Sherri Shepherd says her ex-husband is using their baby to get her money

Sherri Shepherd says her ex-husband is using their baby to get her money

Reported by Liku Zelleke

TV personality Sherri Shepherd and her  estranged husband, Lamar Sally, have been at loggerheads for almost a year now. Last May the couple decided to split after being married for just under three years because, as a friend told Closer, “things had become so contentious that it got to the point of no return.”

Their breakup wouldn’t have caused much of a stir had there not been a third party involved in the relationship: their son, Lamar Sally Jr., who was born on Aug. 5, 2014 via a surrogate mother.

Sally, 44, accused Shepherd, 47, of abandoning their child— a fact that is corroborated by Jessica Bartholomew, the surrogate mother, who claims that Shepherd had a change of heart half-way into the pregnancy and then didn’t even care enough to see the baby once he was born.

Shepherd didn’t appreciate the way things in her now-ended relationship were being presented to the media and the public. The friend said that Shepherd was “very upset that Lamar keeps running to the media. She thinks he’s doing it to apply pressure and make her bankroll his lifestyle.”

But the former “The View” co-host is having none of that and has decided to fight back with her own side of the story because, as her friend says, she “hates being made out to be the evil witch, but she doesn’t take to threats well at all. She’s sticking to her guns.”

Shepherd alleges that Sally is using the baby and the media spotlight as leverage to twist her arm into bankrolling his lifestyle.

Meanwhile Sally, a Los Angeles-based script writer, claims that Shepherd had begged to have a child with him before they even got married. But half-way through the pregnancy and after having paid $30,000 to Bartholomew, Shepherd decided she didn’t want the child anymore because she didn’t “want to be an old mother.”

“Actually,” Sally says, “that is one of the reasons we married after only a year— because she was ready to do this. I wanted to wait… but having a baby with me was so important to her, I said, ‘OK, let’s do it.'”

The duo are at present embroiled in a nasty divorce battle as Sally fights to get Shepherd to take both emotional and financial responsibility for the child she once so desperately wanted.

The rest of Shepherd’s friend’s inside scoop will be in the the newest edition of Closer magazine.



black people and money

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