black people and money

Shocking: 12 black men in Hollywood who’ve dressed like women for money

Shocking: 12 black men in Hollywood who’ve dressed like women for money

It might take some hard work to find white, masculine celebrities or athletes who’ve dressed like women over the last 2 or 3 years (most of us can’t name a single white athlete, at least not before 2005). But as the list for white men is pretty short, there is no shortage in the number of black men who’ve put on a dress in order to impress a director or producer enough to get a bigger paycheck.

During slavery, there was a practice called “Buck breaking.” This was a process of emasculating the strongest male on the plantation by forcing him to wear women’s clothing or beating and raping him in front his children so as to lead others to lose respect for him.  It also served as a warning to other strong males that if they do not follow the master’s orders, this was going to happen to them too.

Some say that these traditions continue with a consistent effort by Hollywood to keep black men emasculated and weak.  Even comedian Chris Rock once said that if you’re a black man with “a goatee and base in your voice,” your chances of success in Hollywood are extremely limited.

Do you think this is what’s going on? How do you explain the large numbers of black men being asked to put on dresses while the list of white men is so much smaller? One has to go back many years, to at least 2008 or before, to find a white Hollywood A-lister putting on a dress for money and even if you find one, they are few and far between. Why the disparity?

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think. What would you do for money?

black people and money

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