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Shonda Rhimes Closes Deal To Write 7th Show in Less Than a Decade

Shonda Rhimes Closes Deal To Write 7th Show in Less Than a Decade

By Robert Stitt

What does the medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy”, its spin-off “Private Practice”, the political thriller “Scandal”, the legal series “How to Get Away with Murder”, the medical drama “Off the Map”, and the con-drama “Catch” all have in common? They all had Shonda Rhimes as their writer, producer, or (in the case of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Scandal) both.

The TV-guru, who was named “one of Time magazine’s 100 People Who Help Shape The World” in 2007, now has yet another show being picked up by ABC.

According to Madame Noire, Rhimes’ newest show will be titled “Star-Crossed” and will be different from her other works. Breaking free from her medical and legal genres, Rhimes will be bringing Romeo and Juliet’s families to life. The show is said to follow “the lives of Romeo and Juliet’s families, the Capulets and Montagues, after the teenaged lovers killed themselves.”

Selling a single show might be good enough for most, but Shonda Rhimes isn’t done. Madame Noire notes that “ABC also picked up another Shondaland production called “Splitsville” and a yet unnamed nun drama in August.”

Did you catch that? Yes, all of the shows are to be produced through Rhime’s company, Shondaland.

If that is not impressive enough, The Root points out the special significance of these sales. “Not only is it badass because Rhimes is an African-American woman in a sea of white male faces in the TV-executive ranks, but the only other multi-deal TV producers who have had multiple shows on the air at the same time were white men who got their start more than two decades ago. Meanwhile, Rhimes’ first show, Grey’s Anatomy, debuted in 2005.”

As of today, Shonda Rhimes is still sitting in the Number One spot on the Root 100, their annual ranking of the most influential African Americans.


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