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Singer Akon Launches a Free Broadcasting Platform Allowing Users to Easily Create and Share Audio Material

Singer Akon Launches a Free Broadcasting Platform Allowing Users to Easily Create and Share Audio Material

By Victor Ochieng

On Thursday, February 18, 2016, singer Akon  launched ZenoLive, an interactive broadcasting app that allows users to easily and quickly create audio content for free.

The star-studded event was hosted at Marquee; guests enjoy great music from Hot 97’s DJ Juanyto, drinks and appetizers, as well as a live performance.

The fundamental aim of the platform is to allow its users to involve themselves in intimate conversation.

“We’re here tonight to celebrate the introduction of a great new system, created so audio broadcasters and producers can share their voice and connect worldwide with ease,” said Morris Berger, CEO.

On his part, the multi-platinum selling musician Akon said: “Everyday technology is making the world smaller. Conversations that used to be seen as just local issues are taking place globally. ZenoLive is helping people take part and frame those conversations. It’s an amazing time and I am happy to be here for the launch.”

The Emcee for the colorful event was Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 and ESPN. He also got moments to hold Q&A sessions in which he asked executives and producers of the platform assorted questions.

Long time music executive Jay Berman introduced Akon.

Without a doubt, the event was well attended by high profile guests, including Peter Gunz, Laura Stylez, Lisa Evers, and Angelica Vila.

ZenoLive is available worldwide and enables all users to be a streaming audio broadcaster.

There is no doubt that broadcasting has been revolutionized over the past few years. Satellite radio, podcasting, and internet radio are just but a few of the additions in the industry.

ZenoLive becomes the latest entry in the industry and it presents some new twists that make it very interesting. The platform allows content creators and other users to see detailed information about listeners and attract advertisers.

The beautiful thing about ZenoLive, compared to podcasts, is that it’s live thus allowing users to call in and even “raise their hands” so that the host knows their intent to get involved in the conversation.

In an interview with the company, CEO Morris Berger explained what makes ZenoLive stand out when compared with podcasts.

“We believe with ZenoLive, there’s no reason to be a vanilla podcaster. What ZenoLive affords the podcaster is the total interaction. So anytime you’re podcasting, it’s live radio [to the listener]. Why is it not live? Why is there no interaction? What a better show, to listen to your listeners,” said Berger. “Second is the statistics and the analytics. What better podcast would it be if you actually know who’s listening to you – know where they’re located, know how often they listen, what topics really spike the traffic or not? That’s what we’re doing.”




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