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Soccer Star’s Mother Is Homeless While He Plays And Lives Lavishly

Soccer Star’s Mother Is Homeless While He Plays And Lives Lavishly

By Ryan Velez

The Daily Mail reports that Arsenal soccer player Ainsley Maitland-Niles’ mother is living homeless in a metal storage crate, while her son is living with his brother in a £700,000 apartment. According to his mother, Jule Niles, 38, the issue came from him refusing to be a guarantor so she could rent a place to live.

“’It’s a metal container with no windows or carpet. There is no toilet or washing facilities. My son Ainsley could buy me a flat with two weeks or two month’s wages. But the money’s gone to his head and I’m in this position. My son plays for Arsenal and I am homeless and in a storage unit. It’s not a home. I know what home feels like – to be able to shower, brush your teeth and sit in your room. All that I miss – but most of all I miss my family. It’s horrible. I just want to know what I’ve done wrong.” She also mentioned how she raised both Ainsley and his brother Cordi, a charity worker, across London in council houses and temporary accommodation.

By all accounts, the two weren’t always distant, and at one point, mother and sons lived together in North London, but in March 2015, things went wrong when Jule got into a spat with Arsenal staff while talking about Ainsley’s future. She was accused of clashing with the club’s chief negotiator Dick Law and was arrested amid claims the row had turned violent. Jule was released and police took no action.

Jule said that since the rift, Ainsley has occasionally sent her money, giving hundreds of pounds each time, but she is desperate for her boys to speak to her and tell her what she has done wrong.

She added: “I believe there are very dark forces operating within football. They want to see me down, because the longer Ainsley is away from me the less of a positive influence I can exert over him. There are times when I have sat on my own and cried. It wouldn’t matter if Ainsley lost all the money tomorrow. He and Cordi are my sons and I love them. I just want them to know that.”

Ainsley and Arsenal declined to comment, but one source told the Daily Mail that he wasn’t aware of his mother’s living conditions.


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