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Socialites Celebrate: Facebook Now Finds You Parties

Socialites Celebrate: Facebook Now Finds You Parties

By Angela Wills

Facebook is already all-knowing! It knows what I like, where I live, and who I hang out with. It’s only right that it should tell me what to do when I’m not sure of what’s going on around me.

Now it will do just that. Since inadvertently becoming the most powerful tool in party invites, Facebook is taking event planning to another level.

As of recent, Facebook offers a strong new Event browsing feature on iOS. First, instead of suggesting Events on sporadic dates, you can easily indicate if you’re in search of something to do today, tomorrow, this weekend, or the weeks to com. Facebook also has a “Suggested For You” category that is based on all of the collected data that Facebook has for you.

Just beneath that feature is where you’ll notice categorized suggestions to include Food & Drinks, Music, Sports & Fitness, Nightlife, Fine Arts & Crafts, Film & Photography, Community, Causes and Performing Arts.

If you have an inkling of an idea of where to go or what you feel up to, Facebook can make a recommendation of where to go. These can all be arranged by date to allow you to find just the right place at just the right time.

A great perk is that socialites can easily adjust the location to find out what’s going on in whatever city you’re in, or discover the happenings in other places to help plan trips.

Pairing People to Parties

Several other attempts by other companies to combine event planning has seemed to end with an epic fail or incomplete in terms of satisfaction. Eventbrite seems to be just a stagnant ticket hub, while Foursquare never made it a necessity to close in on events for presentation, although it is aware of where people are getting together.

However, Facebook seems to have taken the initiative and mastered the plan. It is possibly the only company with almost complete knowledge of what’s going on and restricted financial interest in guiding users to one of several events in their vicinity or desired location.

Here are ways that Facebook has recently revised Events, which had at least 450 active million users as of July:

  • Added Virality in the News Feed for large public events
  • Subscriptions to notifications of a Page’s Events
  • Events for You Suggestions
  • Ticket buying directly through Events
  • Events plugins for external sites

Facebook is possibly on to something here because many users say that Events is one of the main reasons they simply can’t log out of Facebook.


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