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Tamar Braxton’s Husband Rolls-Royce Gets Repo’d

Tamar Braxton’s Husband Rolls-Royce Gets Repo’d

By Ryan Velez

TMZ reports that Vincent Herbert, the estranged husband of Tamar Braxton, has yet another problem on his hand, being ordered to pay $65,000 on his Rolls-Royce Wraith. According to court documents, he fell so far behind on payments that Manhattan Leasing Enterprises repossessed it. They would later sell it but lost money on it due to the fact that it is used.

This marks yet another high-profile issue for Herbert, starting with his ongoing divorce with Tamar Braxton and moving on to his rumored firing by Remy Ma, which he publically denied at one point. Here is some of our past coverage of the incident:

“A few months ago, we reported how Remy Ma was looking to put together a team as she worked on a new album, the first full album from her since being released from prison. A major part of this plan was bringing on Vincent Herbert as her manager, the ex-husband of Tamar Braxton who had previously worked with Lady Gaga. Fast forward to today, and Rolling Out reports that she has pushed Herbert to the sidelines.

Apparently, it all boils down to Herbert not doing his job as a manager. Reportedly, Remy Ma was finding that she wasn’t getting enough booked  shows or studio time, tasks that fall to the man who billed himself as a “super manager.” It makes sense that Remy Ma wants to strike while the iron is hot following her appearances on Love and Hip-Hop.

Reportedly, she feels that Herbert’s attentions are too dedicated to fixing his marriage to give her career the proper attention. TMZ also noted that she may be wary of getting into the wild world of Tamar and Herbert. “Remy saw as the rest of urban America did, how quickly Braxton went from zero to 60 when she thought Herbert was having an affair and possibly creating a child with fellow reality star Laura Govan.

Govan has vehemently denied ever having sexual relations with Herbert, much less becoming pregnant by him. She also reiterated that Herbert is far from her type of man. But it was the intensity of the backlash Govan got as a result of being put on blast by Braxton that isn’t something Remy wants to even think about,” explains Rolling Out.”


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