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TD Jakes: Your Job isn’t Supposed to be Your Only Stream of Income!

TD Jakes: Your Job isn’t Supposed to be Your Only Stream of Income!

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

In this video, TD Jakes gives a lively sermon in which he helps his congregation understand the fundamentals of good money management.  Jakes says that you shouldn’t have just one stream of income feeding your family’s bottom line and should instead have several streams.   He speaks of the bible and having several streams, as well as the fact that money is not your mission.

“Money is not your mission, it funds your mission,” says Jakes.

Jakes also explains that when you don’t get all of your money from one source, you won’t have to “prostitute yourself for the highest bidder all the time.”  He also explains that those with multiple s streams of income don’t have to live their entire life making decisions that revolve around money.

This is a good point that relates to the purpose of Financial  You should teach your children to avoid the temptation of believing that they are supposed to live off of one stream of income.  Instead, you should train them to have several streams of income so that, in the event that things don’t work out with their job, they are still going to be OK.

Another reason that you want to have multiple streams of income is because this additional economic security gives you the freedom to say and do what you want without the fear of being beholden to any one person.  Does it make sense to depend on your oppressor to feed your children?  No, it does not.

Watch Bishop Jakes in the video below.  I think you’ll like what you see.



Financial News

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