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The Only Thing Holding You Back From Success Could Be You

The Only Thing Holding You Back From Success Could Be You

Reported by Liku Zelleke

Many successful businesspeople who have reached, and surpassed, the epitomes of their careers say success is a mindset. They claim the word “impossible” is missing in their dictionary. They never settle, but fight on until the limit is reached; and that limit almost always exceeds their expectation.

On the other hand, most business owners (especially at the outset) are advised to be “realistic” and to set goals that are achievable.

As Nicole Smartt, owner of Star Staffing – a business she built herself – says, she found the biggest challenge to attaining “what you deserve” can be your own mindset as we “often don’t realize the excuses we make prevent us from achieving great success.”

One reason for not having the right winning mindset could be the environment you were, or are in. Things like family who kept telling you that you would add up to nothing and economic pressure drying up your sources of income or liquid capital could put barriers in your way which you think you might not be able to get past.

But, if you want success, things like these shouldn’t matter to you. “If you were told that you’d never be able to do something, try it anyway,” Smartt says. “Start small and build on your success.” Even if you are self-employed, you can be hit with bouts of self-doubt. Navigating the paperwork alone could seem daunting. But with a few forms filled out and a bank account, you could well be on your way to becoming a legitimate entrepreneur with your own business. Because, after all “…It is about making things happen and discovering the freedom that evolves.”

The key to success is hard work and staying on track as you head to get what you deserve. It is about progressing towards it while pursuing every avenue and discovering all that is possible. It is all about the drive; the hunger for accomplishment.

“Make a game plan to get yourself there,” Smartt advises. “Reflect on where you are right now. Consider what might happen if you believed you could achieve anything you can think of.” And then, just keep forging ahead.


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