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Things to Ask Your Potential New Hire During An Interview

Things to Ask Your Potential New Hire During An Interview

By Ryan Leslie

As you start to succeed and grow in business, bringing on more help becomes inevitable. Perhaps it’s customers starting to complain about slow service as business interest grows. Maybe you’re finding that you’re extending yourself too far, to the point where quality is starting to dip. However, finding that great hire is an important decision, as you’re just not picking a skilled individual or person with a great personality but you need someone who is suited for your company’s mission, goals, and needs. Business Collective compiled a list of questions to ask your potential hires that will help you determine who is the right fit.

1. Tell us about a time you were given direction from a manager but knew it was the wrong way to do things. Did you continue with the task or did you speak up about a better way to do things?

This question is a bit of a loaded one, as the answer given will tell you many things about your applicant. While you obviously want any feedback to be professional, what you truly want is an applicant who is willing to provide feedback to your company when they know better solutions. Providing this level of openness is key, as your company will never grow if your employees don’t feel like their voices are heard.

2. What is your biggest weakness that would hinder your performance in this job if you were chosen? No one in business is perfect, which is something that you and your potential hire should be clear about. This gives you not only a chance to see a chance of how they react when it comes to showing vulnerability but also their problem-solving process in action. You want to know if your candidate can handle their areas of weakness alone and if they know when to ask a supervisor for help.

3. What questions about the job or the company do you have for me today?

This slight variation on a classic interview question can actually make a world of difference. By putting forth an open rather than a closed question, you are more likely to get your interviewee to actually respond. In an interview, you want your potential hire to open up as much as possible, not only to make a more human connection but to get more info to provide you with an informed decision.


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