black people and money

This man raised $30,000 for his non-profit, while he was in PRISON

This man raised $30,000 for his non-profit, while he was in PRISON

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Tim Richardson is the kind of man that should make us all proud.  Tim is the founder of the group “Epidemek,” which helps young people and inmates seeking to make a strong transition back to society.  Prisons have become a huge industry and the prison industrial complex has grown to the point of threatening the stability of our entire society.

With so many men and women being impacted by this very serious problem, it is important that we promote the ideas of entrepreneurship, education and opportunity creation for those seeking to be reunited with their families.

Mr. Richardson’s story is especially interesting since he raised $30,000 while behind bars.  This extraordinary feat has helped him hit the ground running since his release just two months ago.  He served 11 years in prison for armed robbery, but has dedicated himself to turning his life around and doing good things for the world.

The interview with Mr. Richardson is below.  I encourage others to watch the conversation with a supportive and empathetic eye, and to respect the humanity of those who’ve been incarcarcerated.  We should also show appreciation to those seeking to improve their lives after having endured the trauma of America’s out-of-control prison system.  Punishment for crime is perfectly fine, but for too many black men, their sentences are far longer than their crimes might suggest.   Also, when a person with children is sent away to prison, we might just be creating more future inmates in the process.  This not a productive way to build a society.


black people and money

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