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This Young Entreprenuer’s App is Sure to Dethrone Bluetooth

This Young Entreprenuer’s App is Sure to Dethrone Bluetooth

By Yolanda Spivey

Rodney Williams’ invention is taking the Tech world by storm. He is the co-founder and CEO of LISNR, a mobile app that sends sound waves to mobile devices.  The app gives notifications and coupons based on where its user is located.

Williams was able to test out his new app at this year’s Budweiser “Made In America” festival.

He told The Atlanta Black Star, “As you approached the festival you received a welcome message.  If you were near certain stages, you received reminders for certain events. If you were waiting too long in a certain area you got a free coupon for Budweiser.”

The app which is called “smart tone” has the potential to “dethrone” Bluetooth. As Williams explained, “Bluetooth is a light that you can’t see. LISNR is audio that you can’t hear.”

The great thing about LISNR that sets it apart from Bluetooth is that its data is transferred to a users device at a much faster rate.

Budweiser is not the only corporation that uses LISNR.  Live Nations, AT&T and the Dallas Cowboys are now using the “smart tone” app to connect with their followers as well.

Williams has been very busy too.  Recently he received an invitation to speak at the White House’s “First Annual Demo Day.”  He won the “Gold Lion” at the International Festival of Creativity that is hosted annually in Cannes. CNBC recently ranked his company “number twelve on its annual Disruptor 50 list.” The young tech-star was happy that he was above Spotify on that list.

But being a minority business has it’s disadvantages.  Williams told Atlanta Black Star, “It’s difficult to get in front of those investors.  I’ve had investors tell me if you were to talk to top tier investors, you would be in a different place.”

Williams won’t allow that to hold him back.  He is always prepared to bring what he has to offer to the table.

Williams created LISNR in 2012 with four other co-founders. They were able to raise over $4 million in just three years which is a tremendous feat for African-Americans in the technology field.


black people and money

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