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Tight-Budget Gift-Giving Ideas

Tight-Budget Gift-Giving Ideas

By Ryan Velez

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and given the nature of the holidays, you may already be laying down your gift-giving plans. If so, you’re not alone. Information from the Rubicon Project’s Holiday Consumer Pulse Poll shows that Americans, on average, are on track to spend an average on $1,175 on holiday gifts, an increase of 12 percent compared to 2015. There’s a good chance that this number may surprise you, and you’re not interested or able to put together that type of money for gifts. However, The Network Journal has put together some ideas for those who want to stay social for the holidays on a budget.

The Secret Santa may be a workplace staple, but there’s nothing keeping you from taking it home, too. The idea behind this is that everyone in your family or group of friends is assigned one person to give a present to when the time comes. On top of this, you generally set a price limit on how much can be spent on a gift, say, $10 or $20. Not only is this easier on the wallet, but each person also gets the benefit of a gift that had thought put into it rather than was bought in a rush, especially if you have a large group. If you’re a true bargain hunter, shop through online portals like Splender to earn cash back on some of your purchases.

The artistically inclined have an opportunity to put a personal touch on their gifts while saving by creating a DIY gift. A few ideas include homemade crafts or even handmade soaps. Even if you don’t necessarily have an artsy side, DIY baskets are a great thing to put together. Shopping for someone’s favorite treats, candles, or other small items and putting them together in a basket are a present that makes an instant impression without breaking the bank.

Another thing to do that is not a massive expense compared to the latest piece of tech, but is equally memorable, is gifting an experience. Know someone who hasn’t done an activity like zip-lining, kayaking, or horseback riding, but is aching to try? Depending on the activity, buying it as a gift can range from $20 to $50. If you’re looking on ways to save on these types of gifts, social shopping sites like Groupon and LivingSocial offer these type of items often at a discount.


black people and money

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