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Time to wake up? Why are we more comfortable working for whites?

Time to wake up? Why are we more comfortable working for whites?

by Dr Boyce Watkins

The new film “7 am” is coming out in a wide range of cities across the United States. In the film, noted individuals such as Dr Umar Johnson and Claud Anderson speak to the perils of black economic codependence, and how this makes it nearly impossible for our community to evolve into one that is liberated and prosperous.

Tariq Nasheed is the creator of the widely popular film series, “Hidden Colors.” Nasheed speaks as a producer and representative of the film “7 AM” and the importance of black people learning to take equity in their own socioeconomic destiny. According to Nasheed and the other creators of the film, many African Americans are left behind politically because we have yet to learn the play the economic game.

Part of the economic game in America consists of having an understanding of capitalism, how it works, and why one would rather be a producer than a consumer, or an owner rather than a laborer. The interview is fun, wide-ranging and allows us to tackle many of the interesting and most significant issues of the day in the black community. I think you’re going to enjoy it a lot.

By the way, if you want to support this film (which I think you should), please visit to purchase a ticket. Even if you can’t see the film or don’t live in one of the cities where it’s showing, it’s a worthy endeavor to buy tickets just to support the creation of products and films that are going to be beneficial to the African American community.

I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

black economic history

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