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Top Cities Committed To Black Male Achievement

Top Cities Committed To Black Male Achievement

By Ryan Velez

We’ve reported in the past how Black men are lagging behind in terms of earning power and education, even behind Black women, and how this has led to a series of issues both in Black families and communities. However, part of the question is, what is being done? Newsone reports that some cities are doing a better job than others when it comes to supporting Black male achievement.

The data here comes from a survey made by the CBMA (Campaign for Black Male Achievement), which was founded in 2008. Each year, the CBMA puts out a report highlighting the cities with increased investment to support Black men and boys. The report titled, Promise of Place: Building Beloved Communities for Black Men and Boys, gauges city-level commitment to Black men through a Black Male Achievement City Index.

The CBMA, currently 5,200 members strong, scores cities among 5 major lines: demographics (the percentage of Black males in the population), city-led commitment (initiatives focused on Black males), CBMA membership (presence of leaders and organizations working for Black male achievement), programs (presence of national initiatives supporting young Black men) and targeted funding (amount of money specifically dedicated to supporting young Black men).

CMBA’S CEO, Shawn Dove explained the role of this survey and his organization. “CBMA celebrates a decade of working to uplift Black men and boys as assets to our communities and our country, we issued this report to track city-level commitment, investment and action to advance Black Male Achievement.” He also added, “CBMA’s core mission is to elevate the local leaders and hometown heroes that are driving this important work forward in their cities. With the field updates, promising strategies, and models of courageous leadership presented in Promise of Place, we are encouraged and emboldened even as we recognize there is still much more to do in improving life outcomes and opportunities for our Black men and boys,” he said. The full top 10 list is as follows.

  1. Detroit

  2. Washington, D.C.

  3. Oakland, California

  4. New Orleans

  5. Boston

  6. Jackson, Mississippi

  7. Baltimore

  8. New York City

  9. Charlottesville, Virginia

  10. Philadelphia


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