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Tracey Morgan Reps Deny Allegations Comic Was Paid $90 Million From Wal-Mart

Tracey Morgan Reps Deny Allegations Comic Was Paid $90 Million From Wal-Mart

BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

Comedian Damon Wayans, of In Living Color and ABC’s My Wife and Kids fame, may have stuck his foot in his mouth during a recent radio interview on 105.1 The Breakfast Club with Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy.tmwheelchair

The legendary comedian was trying to make a point about how hard it is to remain relevant with fans after you have achieved financial success and used Tracey Morgan, who recently settled with big-box retailer Wal-Mart for an accident in June 2014, as an example.

In using Morgan, he put a number, a REALLY BIG number, on the previously undisclosed settlement amount between the retail store in the comic.

“There is a certain point as a comedian you have to be everyman… like, Tracy Morgan right now got $90million, so when he gets on stage, people got 90million things on their mind besides his comedy,” Wayans told the radio hosts. 

Representatives from Tracey Morgan’s camp reached out to TMZ to set the story straight on Damon Wayans statement regarding the legal settlement amount.  The comic’s representative said that the terms of the settlement were confidential, and that Morgan “has had no contact with Mr Wayans since before the accident, so there is no way he would be able to know this and thus is false.”

Morgan settled his lawsuit against Wal-Mart back in May of this year in an agreement described as “amicabletraceymorganvan

In June of 2014, a Wal-Mart freight truck slammed into the back of a limousine van carrying Tracey Morgan and a group of other comedians.  The big-box retailer settled with Morgan, who had to learn how to sit, stand and walk again, as well as the family of James “Jimmie” McNair, who died in the horrific accident.

Non-disclosure agreements or confidentiality agreements are legally binding contracts that outline an agreement between two parties not to disclose any information covered in the agreement.

I am sure because of the notoriety of the accident and the parties involved that there was an agreement signed and Damon Wayans might have put fellow comedian Tracey Morgan in jeopardy speaking too loosely on the radio.

Where Wayans got his number from, I don’t know, but Morgan’s camp is denying it came from them.

Wayans even joked that people in the audience will be thinking to themselves:

“I wish that a Walmart truck would hit me.”

That would have to be some funny money!








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