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Two-Time Divorcee Falls In Love With Man She’s Never Met, Wires Him $1.4M

Two-Time Divorcee Falls In Love With Man She’s Never Met, Wires Him $1.4M

Reported by Liku Zelleke

A woman has defended her decision to send $1.4 million to a man saying that “they are in love.” The only problem is he only exists in cyberspace, presumably lives in some country in Africa and she’s never laid eyes on him, let alone met him.

Two-time divorcee Sarah said she had first met “Chris Olsen” online about a year and a half ago. In an interview with Dr. Phil, she said that they talked on the phone almost daily and although she’d asked him to come over to her, things always seem to go wrong with his plans. For one, he keeps getting arrested on trumped up charges (or so he claims), and she has, on numerous occasions, paid for his bail.

Other expenses he’s billed her for include hotel bills, calling cards, lawyer fees, renewal of expired visas, and – ironically – stolen credit cards. Sarah is so smitten with the guy who keeps having a series of unfortunate accidents that she actually sold an apartment she owned to wire him $550,000.

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