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Using Video To Promote Your Brand

Using Video To Promote Your Brand

By Ryan Velez

Part of having your business stand out from the pack is allowing for visuals that will attract customers and investors. One of the most popular methods going around now is using a video promo, and a recent article from The Network Journal shares some methods experts in the business field are using to construct effective videos.

The first step is understanding exactly what a good video does for your business and brand. Jason Parks, owner of The Media Captain, a digital marketing agency, explains that “video promos convey the personality of your business to prospective clients and customers and is a great way to show off your team and culture.” This means that they can have two main purposes, either communicating services of a new business or refreshing the image of an established company. TaNesha Barnes, owner of Barnes Beauty and Solace Spa, decided to use a video promo not just to communicate her business, but also her own personality and brand.

“I write many edgy things on social media around race, class, and gender and because of the way social media is structured it is not always easy to see the full spectrum of my personality and warmth from my writing…it has made all the difference in building a brand that stands for something,” she explains. If your business is a disruptive one, video promos can be very important to clear up any confusion about what your services are or how they are provided.

Of course, anything multimedia related can rack up a bill fast, which is the last thing a small business owner on a budget wants to hear. To keep things under control, Parks says it is key to stick to a solid plan made well in advance. “Know exactly what you are looking for in your promo video in terms of style and location. Be sure to send the video production company you hire a similar video clip so they can get an understanding of exactly what you’re looking for and provide you with an accurate quote. If you are on a shoestring budget, film the video on a smartphone but be sure to get a tripod for your phone so it is a steady shot. This will help reduce budget,” he says.

At the same time, leveraging the resources around you is equally important. Many tools allow you to shoot commercial-tier quality videos on your phone. However, where you may want to pay for professional help is aspects like video editing or sound. You may not notice it at first glance, but the moment something is off with these, potential customers can tell. Above all, though, don’t try to go too broad. Jean-Christophe Lavocat, the founder of content marketing application Elokenz, points out that “The first important advice to remember is that online videos should be short. Viewers don’t have much time for you. The average attention span on the internet is 8 seconds. It’s recommended that online videos last maximum 1 minute 30 seconds.”


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