black people and money

Watch: Steve Harvey explains to a man why he won’t get a penny from his ex

Watch: Steve Harvey explains to a man why he won’t get a penny from his ex

Steve Harvey is one of the funniest and most celebrated comedians in the country. His daily talk show is doing well and he also knows a thing or two about money, how to get it and how it can make your personal life complicated.

In this video, a man asks Steve about his ex-girlfriend. He says that he loaned $500 to the woman and now wants his money back. He then asks Steve if has any ideas on how to get her to make the payment.

Steve’s answer is both hilarious and unfortunately truthful. As we discuss in Financial Lovemaking, it’s extremely difficult to get money back after a relationship is over, and unless the amount is enough for you to take the person to court, you should consider the payment to be the cost of ending a relationship that just wasn’t meant to last.

There are those few situations in which your mate is ethical enough to pay back a person with whom they are no longer in a relationship, but unfortunately, this is not always the case.  The truth is that a person who is no longer in a relationship with you may not feel any incentive to do anything that makes you happy – they may be entirely focused on somebody else.

Our other piece of advice is that you should probably not loan money to loved ones or significant others unless you either a) have adequate collateral, or b) are prepared to lose the money in the event that things go wrong. You should also be careful about allowing financial disputes to cause you to ruin otherwise good relationships. It’s almost always not worth it.

Check out the video, it’s very funny.

black people and money

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