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Why do we love seeing black women fight on TV?

Why do we love seeing black women fight on TV?

Reality TV has become a multi-billion dollar industry. The bulk of this industry is built upon women of color, who seem to make good entertainment for everyone watching. Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses wrote a great article on the topic and has some key insights into why we choose to indulge ourselves with the kind of mindless television that might not be so good for our spirits.

According to Nomalanga, a professor and life-balance expert, one of the reasons that many people watch these shows is because they can feed a sense of superiority among those of us who are convinced that we are better than other people.

There is a reason why people watch shows like “Jerry Springer” and “Maury” and they have been running for decades; the shows allow them to see people with so little dignity and self respect that it makes them feel like not having stooped that low makes them and their lives somehow better, even superior. The same could be said about the Black women who humiliate themselves on television, whether in reality or in their roles; many people watch them so that they can have someone to look down on and feel superior.

That’s the topic that was discussed in the video/podcast presented here.  Check it out.

black women

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