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Woman Pays $3 Million Bond Of ‘Gang Member’ With Lottery Winnings, Gets Arrested On Drug Possession

Woman Pays $3 Million Bond Of ‘Gang Member’ With Lottery Winnings, Gets Arrested On Drug Possession

April V. Taylor

Twenty-six year old North Carolina mother Marie Holmes won a $188 million Powerball lottery jackpot, but her luck seems to have run out right after she won. According to multiple news sources, she was arrested and charged with marijuana possession after police found marijuana and paraphernalia in her home when they showed up to arrest her boyfriend Lamarr McDow.

McDow was out of jail on a $3 million bond for heroin trafficking charges that Holmes apparently paid with her lottery winnings. Police showed up at the home because he had allegedly violated the curfew requirements of his bond release. McDow was also charged with possession of a firearm that police found in the home. Two other men in the home, Danell Lamon McNeil and Damarius Dontrell Simmons, were also charged with marijuana possession, and a fourth man was arrested for resisting a public officer.

When she originally won the money, Holmes pledged to donate millions to her church and to start college funds for her children. Three children who were present in the home during the arrests reportedly belonged to McDow.

Holmes has four children of her own and says that she sacrificed her education to provide for them, working minimum wage jobs. Holmes said that the children’s fathers offered little financial support, so she has spent most of her adult life struggling financially. Holmes’ own father has been in and out of jail a number of times.

Holmes’ uncle, William Bryant, reports that Holmes “is very grounded” and that “she will know what to do with all that money,” going on to say that he is “sure she will want to buy a new home for herself and her kids, but I can’t see any extravagant purchases. She’s a nice girl who loves her family and loves her church.”

Holmes’ lottery winnings were a record amount, with the jackpot being the third-largest in the history of the Powerball and the fifth-largest of any lottery prize in the country ever.


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