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Woman “steals” man’s seed with her mouth, he’s now paying child support

Woman “steals” man’s seed with her mouth, he’s now paying child support

Here’s the interesting question:  At what point are you responsible for paying child support?  Should you pay if the baby is yours, even if you didn’t want it?  What if the person sneaked behind your back and created the child without your permission?  Sherri Shepherd recently claimed that her husband Lamar Sally convinced her to have a surrogate child with him, all so he could collect child support.  The woman in this story did something even more sinister:  She collected the man’s seed orally and somehow was able to use it to impregnate herself.

Moral to the story:  Your seed is valuable.  Be careful about sharing it with someone you don’t know.  You never know how desperate someone might be to get your resources.  Many professional athletes are targets of schemes every bit as odd as this one.

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By: Krystle Crossman

People will do some amazing things in order to get child support. Years ago a woman name Sharon Irons, a doctor, was having an affair with another doctor named Richard Phillips. They had a short affair but never actually had interc0urse. She would however perform 0ral s*x on him. One day for some reason she decided that she was going to store his s*men in her cheeks until she was in a different room and then spit it into a test tube. She used this to be artificially inseminated with.

Irons became pregnant. After she had the baby and the child was a year old she decided that she was going to go after child support from Phillips and she won in court. Phillips was ordered to pay $800 per month in child support because technically and biologically the child was his. He argued that since they did not have interc0urse she “stole” his s*men. The judge stated that in this case permission was not needed to use the sp*rm after it was released

READ MORE via Woman Wins Child Support After Using $emen From “Oral” to Get Pregnant | Healthy Black Woman.

black people and money

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